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After giving Shelly the whiter, younger looking teeth she was hoping for, she can't stop smiling.  She loves her new teeth!  She likes how it makes not only her smile, but her entire face look younger.  Shelly loves the complements that she has been getting about how happy and healthy she looks.  



Carl was getting married and did not like the gaps in his teeth.  He knew this day would only happen once and he wanted to look his best.  He had the gaps filled in and he has been smiling ever since.  His wife would say it's because he's married to her, but whatever the reason, Carl can now smile with confidence and not have to worry about the gaps that once made him hesitant to show his teeth.


Greg had a smile that was changing with time.  At first it wasn't too bad and he was just able to hide his smile.  But as things worsened he eventually got to the point that he was ready to do something about it.  With a new crown and veneers, Greg has a great looking natural smile that he doesn't have to worry about anymore!


 Faye grew up with front teeth that were crooked and discolored.  With the use of veneers we were able to give Faye straighter looking teeth that were uniform in color.  This gave her the teeth she had dreamed of.  Now she loves to show them off when she laughs, smiles or has her picture taken.


Dave was born with teeth that were small and underdeveloped.  This left noticeable gaps in his smile.  Once he reached college age, we veneered his teeth to normal size.  This closed the gaps and gave Dave a more mature looking smile that he could feel confident about.


Linda did not like the way her lower front teeth looked.  They were crooked and uneven.  She wanted them straight and flat - without having to wear braces.  She was starting to break her back teeth and was experiencing jaw and neck pain.  We determined that all these issues were related to her bite being unbalanced.  We rebuilt her bite to a more stable position and gave her the straight white teeth she was hoping for.  She is now pain free and enjoying her new smile! 


If teeth don't erupt all the way out of the gums, it makes the teeth appear shorter than they should be - and makes for a "gummy" smile.  With a simple gum procedure, we can restore the teeth to their natural length - providing a more beautiful, 100% natural smile.


The patients in this Gallery have provided their consent to display their pictures online.  Every mouth is unique so results may vary.  Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.