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Biomimetic Dentistry:

Because in the future, you don't want tooth problems.


 It's a big word used to distinguish the current paradigms in dentistry from the outdated paradigms in dentistry.

In 2002 there was a MAJOR change in dentistry.

We stopped using fillings and crowns to treat cavities and broken teeth

- and started RESTORING teeth with Biomimetic Restorations.


What is Biomimetic Dentistry???

No Crowns Video
Outdated dental techniques... 
  • Requires removing healthy tooth structure in order to work.
  • Uses crowns as the strongest, longest lasting restoration.
  • The future need for root canal treatment on treated teeth is 20% or more.
  • Uses materials that are harder and more abrasive than natural teeth.  This leads to further tooth problems. 
  • Cosmetically can be unappealing.
  • Teeth are very susceptible to leaking around the edges which leads to further decay.
  • Average life span of a filling is 2-3 years.  Average life span of a crown is 5 years.
Biomimetic Dentistry
Biomimetic dentistry...
  • Preserves as much healthy tooth structure as possible.
  • No more crowns on teeth.
  • The need for future root canal treatment on treated teeth drops to less than 1%.
  • The tooth gets its natural properties restored (flexibility, hardness, and wear resistance).  This prevents further tooth problems.
  • Cosmetically looks like a natural tooth.
  • The tooth becomes resistant to further decay.
  • The restoration lasts as long as the tooth - hopefully a lifetime.
Cosmetic Dentistry

Biomimetic Dentistry means that you are getting high quality dentistry.

It means that you are getting the type of dentistry that is currently the healthiest for you and your tooth.

It means that you are getting dentistry that actually protects your tooth from needing additional work.

It means that you are getting the most reliable and worry free dentistry available.








Other websites that we recommend to learn more Biomimetic Dentistry:

Biomimetic Dentistry can save you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, over your life time!

You will save countless hours of time in the dental chair.

You will keep more of your teeth - and your teeth will be pain and worry free!

Teeth can last a life time!

Dentistry does not need to lead to nightmares!

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