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The 7 Day 'Healthy Gums' Transformation

If you have gums that are painful, bleed easily when your teeth are brushed and/or have been told you have really bad breath - you are a great candidate for this program!


This program is pain free and requires less than 5 minutes a day! 


No sharp metal dental instruments will be used at any time before or during this program!  This program is something that you can do from the comfort of your own home.


The cost of investment in this program is usually $100 but we are giving it to you for FREE!  All we ask is that you:

  1. follow the program all 7 days, 

  2. provide us feedback on the program, 

  3. and write a review if you are blown away by how simple and easy the program is, and how dramatic the results are.  

We also ask permission to share your story along with before and after pictures so that we can help other people similar to you.


If this sounds like something that you are willing to commit to, then please provide us with your email and preferred contact information and we will reach out to you soon.  If you would like to contact us sooner, or have questions about the offer, please call us at 949-496-6413.

One last thing to be aware of so that there are no surprises - we do ask for a deposit of $100.  This is to ensure that you keep your end of the bargain.  Once you have completed the program and feedback has been provided, we will return every penny of your deposit.  We are not trying to trick you out of money, but we do have to protect ourselves against people who might just take our program and run.  We hope you understand why we ask for this and we look forward to being able to help you!

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